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Customized Pens

Customized Pens

PriceFrom ₹150.00

Kiiprint offers a wide variety of options when it comes to designing your customized pens. You can choose from different pen styles, colors, and materials that match your unique taste and style. Whether you prefer a sleek and professional look or something more fun and vibrant, Kiiprint has got you covered.The best part about Kiiprint's customized pens is that you can personalize them with your own name, initials, or even a special message. This makes them perfect for personal use or as thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Imagine having a pen that's uniquely yours - it adds a special touch to every word you write.The quality of Kiiprint's customized pens is top-notch. They use durable materials and high-quality ink to ensure a smooth and comfortable writing experience. These pens are designed to last, so you can enjoy using them for a long time.

  • Best for engraving of text and simple images (outlines), not for filled and complex images
  • Ballpoint pen with metal body & blue ink colour
  • Customisation technology: Laser engraving
  • Engraved text will be in white.
  • Color shade variations are a natural part of the manufacturing process and do not affect the quality or durability of the product.

Personalized Pens – A perfect gift for friends, family, clients and co-workers

There is something special about writing from a pen with your name on it. They are one of those rare items which make for a timeless gift. Whether you are buying a engraved pen as a birthday gift or for teacher’s day, celebrating someone’s new job or giving it as a farewell present, it makes a great gifting option for any occasion. You might have noticed that many doctors, lawyers, corporate offices, or prominent public figures either use customized pens or company logoed pens. Having pens printed with company names or logos is a great way of advertising your brand or business in an economical manner. Personalized pens are also great promotional tools to spread the word about your name or business.

Ordering personalized gifts pen from Kiiprint is very easy. Once you have selected the body color and finish of the pen you want, you can start designing it. Simply add any name, logo, quote or image to your customized pen and choose the font style and size along with its placement on the pen. If you want to add an image, try to use an outline image and not a complex or filled image. In case you wish to upload your own design then you can do that too. You can preview the design before placing the order. Your preview would indicate how the final product will look like. Remember to upload the design in an acceptable file format. Kiiprint provides pen name printing services at affordable prices. Kiiprint uses laser technology for engraving name, text, logo or image on the pen.

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