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Glossy Visiting Card

Glossy Visiting Card

PriceFrom ₹190.00

Choose a customized glossy visiting card from KII Print, you're selecting a premium finish that elevates your card to the next level. The glossy effect adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your card, making it visually appealing and memorable. With KII Print, you have the flexibility to tailor your design to reflect your individual style and brand identity, ensuring that your card stands out from the crowd. Whether you're networking at events or meeting potential clients, a glossy visiting card from KII Print is sure to leave a lasting impression. The high-quality finish enhances the colors and details of your design, making it eye-catching and impressive. Trust KII Print to deliver a customized glossy visiting card that exudes quality and style, setting you apart in the business world. Get ready to make a statement with your glossy and personalized visiting card from KII Print.


  • Available in 1 paper stock with different finishes
  • Standard Glossy in 300 gsm with glossy UV coating
  • Premium Glossy in 300 gsm with glossy lamination
  • Highlights high-quality photos and images
  • Light-catching, reflective surface
  • Choose from thousands of designs or upload your own
  • Stretch your design up to the Bleed area to avoid white borders appearing around your card. Keep all your information within the safety area.
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