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Raised Foil Postcards

Raised Foil Postcards

PriceFrom ₹750.00

These postcards are perfect for sending out special messages or invitations that you want to make extra memorable. The raised foil adds a luxurious and eye-catching element to your design, making it really stand out. Whether you're announcing a wedding, a party, or just saying hello to a friend, these postcards will definitely make an impression. Kii Print offers a variety of options when it comes to Raised Foil postcards. You can choose from different foil colors like gold, silver, rose gold, or even holographic! And the best part is that you can customize your design to make it truly unique. You can add your own photos, text, and even incorporate your own artwork or logo.The quality of these postcards is top-notch too. They're printed on premium cardstock, ensuring that they look and feel amazing. Plus, they have a glossy finish that adds an extra touch of sophistication. 

Give your postcards a distinguishing glow with raised foil effect.

  • Full color printed postcards with raised foil effect
  • Gold Foiling can be applied to Text only.
  • Gold Foiling can be applied only to the logos in pre-designed templates and does not support for uploaded images
  • Follow design guidelines in the overview section
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